Server-Grade Dual-Channel Encoder E2211


Encoder E2211 (Purchase)

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2 (SDI) or 2 (HDMI)
Live Streaming up to 1080p, multisite up to 4K or dual 1080p

Embedded, up to *16 channels

The dual-channel server-grade encoder enables the highest reliability for Live Stream Platform streaming or dual-channel multisite (to send two video sources synchronized to decoders).

Two video channels with sync’d audio up to *16-channels

The server-grade E2211 Encoder features 2 SDI or HDMI inputs, enabling synchronized dual-channel playback at remote venues with decoders.

Resi’s encoders have set a new standard in video delivery reliability. No other encoder on the market can withstand a complete internet outage for minutes at a time without losing content. With Resi’s encoders, based on the Resilient Streaming Protocol, you will never again have to worry about video skips because every bit of video is stored at each step in the capture and transmit process. You can literally pull the Ethernet cable(s) out of the encoder while it is streaming, and once the network connection is re-established (or a backup connection provided) all of the video data that was recorded during the outage will be transmitted!

*16 channels of audio is offered as an add-on product with additional cost


Encoder E2211

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 11 in